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Press Releases are a great way to get the word out about your upcoming trade show, I would also remcmoend social media, online PR's, email blasts, and pURL's (personal url'ls.)

I'm pretty seotkd with the new almost.at Suggested a couple of events to them, we'll see what happens.I'm really happy Skype came out with the multi-user features. ooVoo is SUCH a CPU hog!! However, phooey on Skype for not giving Mac users access to the beta Also, SocialFuse is an app using the Bump API, so social profiles from LI and Twitter can be exchanged wirelessly. Wawame is similar to Bump but uses bluetooth instead of wifi that can really come in handy for international travelers. However, it is not as simple an interface as Bump and the servers can be spotty.The Momento app is a nice way to journal your conference experience as an attendee

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