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Time is precious! We can not waste time! Inch of time is money! I also agree with your opinion ah! I'm glad you are willing to share with us your blog

It's very well worth spending time preparing a crisis communications plan but it needs to be flexible as no plan can ever cover every eventuality.

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I totally agree. These big companies used to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars, sometimes millions, for a tv commercial. Bloggers are their new commercial, yet for some reason they think that we should do this for free. They think we have nothing better to do than to sit around blogging about their products while receiving no compensation. Who do they think is going to pay the rent and electric? I can assure you they are not working for free, so why should they expect us to?


One of the best cheap wines of all-time was Benziger's fume blanc, which appeared in the $10 Hall of Fame in its early years. But the wine hasn't been around the Dallas area much lately, and a Benziger spokeswoman said it wasn't being distributed nationally any more.

I also agree with your opinion ah! I'm glad you are willing to share with us your blog.

So cute! I already like you on FB and also get your posts on Google Reader. :)

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