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This is a great starting point, but unless your customer can find you the greatest website on the planet won't get you the radar. You need a push, pull and push/pull strategy. Marketing doesn't have to be expensive -- it has to be focused and good. I worked with a small start up company, with 4 people and a starbucks coffe budget. The greatest marketing asset was the founder/president -- great passionate, knowledgable speaker -- I got him in front of his target market through a series of lunch and learn speaking engagements. The largest expense here was his travel. You can do a lot by using keywords in some well written papers and syndicating the content, purchase some google ads, they can be targetted and start to build your online brand and expand your reputation. Build out a speakers program and position yourselves as leading experts in your field and last but not least - know your customer, know what is important to them and become relevant....
My two cents -- you did ask Brendan :)

It appears you have developed a great strategy and if its working keep at it. I talked about being a thought leader to build your credibility a while back: http://www.dudeitsmarketing.com/2009/11/be-a-thought-leader-make-your-marketing-credible.html.
My question to you, which was what my friend asked me, is what do you do first? Did you get the speaking engagements right out of the gate or did you develop a website? You talk about using keywords so I'm assuming there was some message development as well. When did you do that?
There are a lot of things that could be done when you're starting out but what is the most important one that needs to be done first? You raised a key point when you said "know your customer, know what is important to them".
Thanks for the ideas and feedback. I'm sure it will help others too.

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