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The only thing I have left off of mine is how much of the company I'm wlliing to give up, just because I don't want valuation to be a big topic early on in conversations with investors. Thanks for sharing!

I second Kuanyin's Mahalo for the stock image site. I also agree with your rdaommenection for fresh content. Even if it's not great content, you'll get a visit from the Google freshbot and have a short term higher ranking for your newest content. If you want the keep it ranked, make it great content.

I've rlaley, rlaley enjoyed and had success with CPA marketing (Cost Per Action). Essentially, they pay you to get people to fill out surveys, e-mail offers and the like. I've done well with CPALead, Peerfly and Affiliateer. Check the sources for all the networks who've treated me great.

it's good article

Wow, those are some stats! I comment frteuenqly on other blogs, but my content is lacking a bit I feel. I'm devoting more time to the site nowadays so I should see steady growth, which I do have now, but it's not as much as I want.

thats incredible. OVER 2 BILLION VIEWS A DAY1 thats insnae. I Like how the video gives interesting information! i wonder how many views it gets in 1 year! ok well awesome video and keep up the good work

Quality content is the key to attract the visitors to visit the website, that's what this website is providing.

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